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秘鲁 Peru
智利 Chile
南非 South Africa

    The data above is from Fresh Cargo Peru,if you want to get more detailed trading info regarding importers, exporters and variety you may click here. ( 以下信息来自于Fresh Cargo Peru,如需了解更多关于进口商,出口商,品种的交易信息) I And you can also contact us for help, you may click here.(也可以直接联系我们获得帮助,请点击这里) you may click here.

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    FreshCargo offers $50 discount to new Chinese subscribers this year. Seasonal/Annual report of more detailed data for your choice. Good decision making tools for importing Peruvian fruits!( 今年秘鲁数据公司FreshCargo 对首次注册的中国公司提供50美金折扣!更详尽的季度、年度秘鲁出口数量和公司报告,为进口秘鲁水果提供更好的数据基础,请点击 。)